New Baby Preparations and The Baby Registry

This is a blog post for all parents-to-be and parents who are still adding to their baby gadget inventory! ūüôā

It’s been almost a year and a half since we prepped for the arrival of our first baby, Isabella. My entire pregnancy was an investigation of what baby stuff we needed and how to set up the nursery. It was a big shock to walk in the baby store and it smelled like polyester, plastic and chemicals. I have to say, it was disturbing to find out we didn’t have have any options for natural play yards, infant car seats, baby swings, bouncy seats, etc. etc. etc.

I’m gonna list my favorite baby items newborn to one year old, but it is just my opinion of what I like. Every Mom and Dad have their own favorites. I hope it helps you.

STROLLERS: I’m a fan of the jogging stroller as your only stroller. They’re all made of polyester material, sorry. The stroller I have and love is the¬†Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium

You can put a blanket or rig up some kind off natural material cover for the seat. I know it stinks. I found a wool car seat cover… but it ended up being to hot (we live in Texas) and I just used a XL cotton prefold diaper behind her or a cotton blanket.

I use the jogging stroller as my “travel system” and I didn’t get a typical baby stroller. Jogging strollers are easy to push and turn with one hand (holding baby, purse, etc.) and you can put more stuff on them. Also, it’s a smoother ride for your little one. If you live in the country, I recommend buying two jogging strollers. One for the farm (get’s poop and lots of dirt on it) and one for when you go out (that stays relativly clean). Since, I wanted two strollers, I choose an affordable model. I’ve been so pleased with my stroller and the infant seat. The infant seat fits right in to the stroller without extra attachments. We still use the strollers and Isabella is 16 months old. The one fault with the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium¬†is that the seat does not recline flat! So for the many many times that your child falls asleep and needs to be flat… they can’t be. This matter’s more when their under the age of 1 year old and napping all the time.

If I lived in the city and suburbs, I would get a BOB Revolution. The trick with the Bob is, if you want to make it work with your infant seat… you have to get a bar attachment and there’s different bars for every baby seat. And there must be some politics to it, because there are only a few infant seats they make attachments for and it’s all the more expensive infant seats.

INFANT SEATS:¬†Get one. No I didn’t find a natural one. They’re all nasty plastic and polyester. So just pick one.Yes, they’ll only use it for a few months, but it’ll be worth it. Look for one that fits in your stroller. We have the¬†Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium.

If your baby falls asleep in the car or store, you can take the whole seat out without waking the baby. ¬†Having a seat that can be removed with the baby makes it easy if you have several errands to make and you need to go in somewhere and go in and out quick… i.e. post office, feed store and the grocery store etc… It takes tons of time strapping the little ones in and out… and it’s no fun if they’re sleeping!

CAR SEATS:¬†This is a great registry item, because you might just get it and it’s something you need and will use. I switched to the regular car seat at around 6 months old.¬†I looked high and low, but I couldn’t find any seats made of natural fibers. They are all polyester or nasty synthetic material that on a sunny day get hot and leach nasty stuff to your child. But, it’s the law to keep your child in them.

Since you have to get one, my favorite is the Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat. Which means you can start using the seat at 5 lbs and your need a new one around 70 lbs. You’ll have this seat for a LONG TIME so find one you like.

PACK N’ PLAY / PLAY YARDS:¬†They’re all made of nasty materials and stink like chemicals when you get them. I opened mine up and left it out side on a sunny day to air out before I used it. I decided not to go with a traditional Pack N Play because the max weight is around, 25 lbs and I wanted to use it when she got older and as a play yard (it’s bigger than a regular Pack n’ Play). ¬†I’ve been happy with the Joovy Room2 Ultralight. I choose the ultra light and paid more because it’s quiet a bit lighter than the other models and the base sits on the floor. So it can take any weight inside. Andrew and I have climbed in there several times for different things. The Joovy Room2 Ultralight¬†a nice big square. We used ¬†it as a safe place to put Isabella when she started rolling, walking and falling.

I like it because it comes in black and it doesn’t clash with my decorations ūüôā ¬†We took kitchen butcher twine and hung wood toys and cotton stuff animals (See picture). Also, there’s enough space in there to have beaded labyrinth toys.

If you get the¬†Joovy Room2 Ultralight¬†or something like that, you can use it all the way through toddler years. We are still using it. For instance, when we stayed in a hotel The Joovy was a safe place to put her to sleep and if she got up we didn’t have to worry about her waking up and escaping and getting into mischief while we were sleeping! Great peace of mind. Since the hotel was a new environment I was able to crawl in there with her and help her go to sleep. I have to admit… it’s a PAIN to learn to put together and take apart. Primarily, because I don’t read directions, unless I’m forced to. With this play yard, you have to read directions otherwise you’ll be lost. Learn how to put it together and disassemble it before you need it. Highly recommend the Joovy Room2 Ultralight.

BABY MONITORS:¬†I don’t consider myself crunchy or granola… but I figured I did NOT need a monitor. Aren’t they bad for baby’s? My Mom didn’t have one with me? Why do I need one? I didn’t register for one, but my Brother got me the Summer Infant Baby Monitor and I’m sure glad he did! I’ve used it every day since Isabella was born. Here’s a video using this monitor…

A baby monitor isn’t a must, but it sure makes life easier. And for around $200 for a good one, it’s worth it. And it’s a great registry item. I use our ¬†Summer Infant Baby Monitor¬†early in the morning when we milk our family cow at the barn (if Isabella’s sleeping) and when she’s napping and I need to go work in the garden. It realllllllly frees me up if I want to get something accomplished outside. ¬†A monitor is totally worth the cost, trust me you need a monitor with a big clear picture.

HIGH CHAIRS:¬†This is one of the few baby items you can get that’s natural. If you’re on a tight budget, look for a hand-me-down, at garage¬†sales, consinment stores etc. You’ll be surprised to find many made of solid wood… which you won’t find in any big box baby store.

I wanted to put a high chair on my registry, so I picked the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair.¬†I’ve been soooooo pleased with the Stokke and would’t change a thing about it, which is saying a lot! There are several reasons I like it: it’s built well, easy to clean (no crevices for food to fall in), it’s easy to put together, you can start using it early at like 4-5 months and all the way through to 4-5 yrs when they need a booster seat, when the child get’s older they can climb into it themselves and you can put the high chair right up to the table. So from day 1, they are part of the family and not off to the side. Huge fan of this high chair.

Only draw back is the accessory’s are pricy… I also ended up getting the Stokke Cushion¬†(I finally gave in, even though it has polyester, because I didn’t want to make one).

I highly recommend the Stokke Baby Set¬†from the beginning, because you’ll be able to start using the high chair a lot sooner. Isabella started sitting with us at the table at 3 months (See below video). If you start giving your baby solids at 4-6 months, you’ll be able to put them in the high chair with out them falling all all over the place. Baby’s don’t last that long using the¬†Stokke Baby Set¬†attachments though… for us it was only until about 8 months.

The last accessory I recommend is the Stokke PlayTray. If you were to only get one accessory, get the play tray, the only downside is that it is plastic.

I know there’s lot of accessory’s for the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair¬†but, if you register for it all, you might surprised that you actually get it. My advice for baby registries is, leave out the extra fluff that you can buy later, ask for the important items your really need on your registry.

Here’s a sweet video of Isabella in her highchair starting at 3 months.

SWING: They’re all made of plastic and polyester. I ¬†did NOT choose or register for a good swing, so I’m probably not the best to give advice. I choose the Mama Roo and I would probably not register for it again if I could go back in time! The¬†Mama Roo¬†doesn’t have the swinging motion and just moves left to right. And I didn’t want Isabella to get use to moving to go to sleep. So I didn’t end up using it. I used my Bassinet for sleep instead. However, both my Sister-in-Laws have swings and swear by them. So if you want a swing, register for one, you’ll most likely get it. I have several friends that love this Cradle Swing Snugabunny swing.

BOUNCY SEATS:¬†Yes, you need one. Trust me, you need¬†it. No, you can’t find a natural one. They’re all nasty plastic and polyester just like the swings and play yards. The nice thing is that they all work. You’ll be surprised that the most inexpensive ones are usually the baby’s favorite. Just like with the swing, strollers and pack n plays you can put a natural fiber sheet/blanket behind the baby to protect from the nasty polyester and plastic. Here’s the one I got… mainly because it’s called How Now Brown Cow and we love our raw milk and Jersey cows ūüôā

I found some neat miYim cotton hanging toys that have velcro that I added to the bouncy seat.¬†These toys easily attach to the handle bar on your infant seat and helps to keep baby’s occupied when your driving.

WALKERS / STATIONARY PLAY STATION: If budget’s tight, I’d say get this instead of a swing or stationary play stations. You’ll use this longer.¬†If you ask Andrew he’d say this was a requirement. We got a walker with wheels, called the Walker Chicco Lil Piano
and it was a life saver! There are to features that set this walker apart, first the activity tray is removable to a basic tray underneath (great for your choice of toys and snack food, sippy cups etc.) and the seat puts your baby in a standing position.

We tried two less expensive models from Wal-Mart and they were terrible, we returned both.

Isabella started using her walker when she was only 3 months and she used it until she started walking at one year. That’s a long time for a baby item! Here’s a video of the first time I put her in it… we used this thing allll the time!

Here’s a video of her in the walker for the first time at 4 months old…

Here’s a video at 7 months when she’s really using the walker to “walk” and play…

BABY BOTTLES & SIPPY CUPS:¬†I have one recommendation and that’s the¬†Lifefactory Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups. Is so nice having glass bottles (with a silicone sleeve!), because they clean so much easier when filled with dairy products. You’ll never get plastic as clean and you don’t have to worry about all the toxins in plastic. These Lifefactory Bottles are expensive, but they are worth it and you can use them as bottles and sippy cups.

I’d recommend buying both the 4-ounce and 9-ounce. The bottles and the sippy cups have the same size top so you can use the same bottle with a nipple or a sippy lids.

If you prefer a certain nipple or if the one it comes with doesn’t work just use the outside white part and put another nipple in there. Isabella and my nephews both didn’t like the Lifefactory nipples and we replaced the nipples with a natural rubber tree nipple from Natursutten Fast Flow Nipple. Also, you’ll need fewer bottles than you think. Just start with a few in each size, not to many because you can always buy more later.

Also the Sippy Lids… if you drop the bottle the glass might not break, but the lid might. So get a few extra Sippy Lids or be prepared to get them when they break.

Here’s a video of Isabella drinking from the 4-ounce Lifefactory bottle.

That BABYBJORN Soft Bibs that Isabella has on in the video is my favorite favorite favorite bib. I started out with several cotton bibs, but I got reallly tired of going through 2-3 bibs every day. And training a child to eat is MESSSSSSY. It get’s everywhere, they loose there food and can’t find it! Isabella actually eats out of her bib if the food or liquid falls in there. And, it’s so easy to clean. A heads up though, you’ll have to train your toddler not to pull it off… because they’ll learn how to do that.

BABY CARRIER / SLINGS:¬†My favorite hands down for all purposes is the Ergo Baby Carrier. Get it from the very start, buy it or register for it. It’s the only carrier or sling you’ll need. If you end up getting a sling or wraps or another variety, you’ll find you self looking to buy more than one. Which is fine, but if you want only one fabulous carrier, go with the¬†Ergo Baby Carrier. Also, if you want your baby Daddy to use it… don’t pick a girly color.

Another tip, I bought the Heart2Heart Infant Insert. I would pass on this if I could do it again. The Heart2Heart is bulky, doesn’t fit in the carrier right and gets the baby hot. You really don’t need it at all in the carrier. And you only use it for like a month, if that. My Sister-in-Law is using the Ergo already with her two week old daughter with no insert. That insert thing is just frustrating and more money down the drain… in case you wanted my opinion ūüôā

BABY GYMS / BABY ACTIVITY CENTERS: My favorite is an all wood model from a European company, I bought it on ebay new for a bit cheaper, but Amazon carry’s it too. It’s the Heimess Wood Baby Gym with Insects and Flowers. If I didn’t get this one or make one… I wouldn’t get one at all. Because this is an optional accessory. The counter part to a wood activity gym is completely a polyester Activity Gym and engulfs your baby with polyester, formaldehyde and broide. No only is the baby laying on it… but it’s over their head and all around on all sides. I took a pass on the traditional activity center.

Isabella has really enjoyed her Wood Toy Gym and she started using it as an infant and is using it even now during diaper changes on the bed, it definitely keeps her put instead of moving all over the place. 16 months is a long use life for baby stuff. I would buy this again.

DISPOSABLE DIAPERS: One tip that all my closest girlfriends and sister-in-laws agree upon is to have Seventh Generation Diapers available and use them for the first newborn days until their poop finishes cleaning out from birth. That first baby poop REALLY sticks and it will stain your expensive cloth diapers. I’m sure you’re thinking… well, I’ll use one of those little paper disposable liners… they don’t work I tried them. Also, since you just gave birth and your hormones are all over the place and you should be resting and bonding with your new baby. The last thing you should be doing is scrubbing diaper covers those first few newborn days. So even if you’re gonna use cloth, wait a bit to start. Also, I found that Amazon is the cheapest place to buy Seventh Generation Diapers. Don’t buy to many disposable diapers, you can always buy more online while breastfeeding and if you have Amazon Prime you’ll get the diapers in two days. That’s a pretty good deal. If you end up buying too many diapers you’ll find yourself storing them after they’re out of that size and that’s no fun! Just buy as you need in the size your baby is in! That first year they grow out of each size fast! It’s like one size every 2 months…. it’s quick. They’ll slow down on the quick size changes after a year old.

On the subject of cloth vs. disposables. We live in Texas. It get’s over 100 degrees in the middle of the summer for like 2-3 months, it’s miserable. And if you spend anytime with your little one outside… you won’t want anything on them except paper diapers. They will get heat rashes all over the place with cloth diapers. If you spend most of your time in a well air conditioned place or if your climate is below 80 degrees, you’ll be fine with wool covers and cotton prefolds. Just a heads up. I know people say wool and cotton breathe…Would you want to wear a wool jacket when it’s 103 degrees outside? I don’t think so! ūüôā Take a look the the picture of our little girl helping Daddy put together our new Goldstar Top Bar Honey Bee Hive… it’s so hot all she has on is a diaper it’s not cloth it’s a¬†Seventh Generation Diapers.

DISPOSABLE WIPES:¬†Even if you’re gonna do cloth wipes, you’ll still need some disposable wipes when you go out or when you wake up in the middle of the night tired and want to go back to sleep. Buy these in bulk, you’ll use them and save money in the end. I like the Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, they are the only ones I found that don’t give Isabella a rash and they don’t have a sent. Also, I got one of those travel wipe boxes… but really, they don’t work that well. The wipes dry out. What works better is throwing the whole packet of wipes in the diaper bag. And then when the child get’s a bit older you can take some out and put them in a zip lock bag. The wipes won’t dry out in a plastic zip bag, but they will in those hard plastic travel devices.

CLOTH WIPES: We used BabyKicks Organic Baby Wipes
almost exclusively cloth wipes until Isabella started eating solids and drinking milk/water. Green Mountain is one favorite places to buy many things diaper related.

Young baby’s have really sensitive bottoms and since I was breastfeeding her poopy was manageable and it washed off no problem. Cloth wipes worked great… for the first several months. However, be warned if you have never dealt with poop from a child eating solids, it’s a whole different ball game. Solids makes baby poop stink, it sticks and it’s no fun to deal with. I’m probably just a wimp though. We used lots of cloth wipes and diapers up until about 7 months… than I started “falling off the band wagon” and use disposable too.

CLOTH DIAPER COVERS:¬†Let me tell you the “rock and hard place” you’re gonna hit. You will find natural fibers for the Prefold¬†(inside the diaper). But the outside Diaper Cover¬†that makes the system waterproof is made with polyester or synthetic material. There is only one alternative to polyester and that’s wool that has been lanolized (Wool Wash with Lanolin).

My favorite wool covers are from, Wild Coconut Wear. ¬†The shop is a one woman show and she makes everything, dyes the wool and embroiders the designs. No question these are my favorite. It takes a bit of strategy to buy a cover, pants or shorts as the owner runs a live auction… but it’s worth the trouble. The covers are great. Also, when you get into lanolizing (water proofing) your wool covers… look for Liquid Lanolin. Regular lanolin is difficult to push out of the container and dissolve in hot water.

If you want to use a great polyester cover, try Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth Diaper Cover.

CLOTH DIAPER PREFOLDS (the material under waterproof cover):¬†¬†I wanted to make our life difficult… I bought Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds Diaper, Diaper Pins, and Snappi’s.

I did like the snappie better than pins, but really this whole system of using flat prefold diapers, pins or snappies is PAINFUL and slow. Also, the prefolds don’t hold in poopy and absorb as well as the Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth/Prefold , which is now my f a v o r i t e cloth diaper prefold.

I already bought all the Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds Diaper I needed for Isabellas whole diaper experience, before I discovered the awesome Mother-Ease.

My absolute favorite prefold hands down, is the Mother-Ease One-Size Cloth/Prefold . Do yourself a favor, just try them. My Sister-in-law told me about them and it took me months to finally buy one to try. I wish I had started with these instead of having to buy lots of different flat prefolds every time she grew out of them. She could have started wearing these at like 1 month old and she’s still wearing them today at 16 months! Seriously, they’re awesome. And they are easy for Grandparents, Husbands and friends to put on. With the Mother-Ease Cloth Prefold,¬†we no longer get¬†pricked with pins or catch skin with a snappie. As baby/toddler gets older and more mobile, you’ll want an easier prefold than flat cotton cloths! Believe me, I tried them for many many months.

PACIFIERS:¬†I thought we were too good to use a pacifier. I heard that pacifiers can mess up the latch of nursing babies, so I mistakenly thought, “my baby isn’t going to have a pacy!” I say this advice about messing up baby’s latch is “hog wash”. Isabella and all the Mom’s I’ve talked to never have said the pacy messed up their breastfeeding.

Keep in mind, not all baby’s will take a pacifier. Sometimes, practice makes perfect with the Pacy. Isabella didn’t start using a pacy until she was around 7 months old. My favorite paccifier is the Natursutten Rubber Pacifier, Rounded.¬†The Natursutten Pacy’s are made from 100% natural rubber from the tree hevea brasiliensi.

There are several size Natursutten Pacy’s, the one you’ll use the longest is the largest size. Don’t buy to many of the small sizes, you won’t use them very long. We tried the ones with the Flat Tip, but it was really annoying trying to always make sure that flat part was facing down… especially when you’re driving and trying to put a pacifier in your baby’s mouth still looking forward driving. Isabella didn’t seem to care which ones, but now she definitely prefers the rounded pacifiers.

Here are several occasions I’m glad we had a pacy…

1.) You’ll be glad you have a Pacy… for morning milking a cow. Even if you don’t have a family milk cow, I’m sure you have some family routine where this applies.

2.) You’ll be glad you have a Pacy when… you’re at a fancy restaurant and your baby / toddler starts getting fussy and you haven’t even ordered yet!

3.) You’ll be glad you have a¬†Pacy when…¬†your child is teething! A pacy is comforting and helps sooth when they’re not feeling well. When Isabella’s first tooth broke through she got a fever of 103 for a complete day. As soon as the tooth broke through the fever went down and she was happy again. We were seriously glad she loved her pacy. See below picture of Isabella with her Elsie Jersey Cow Doll.

4.)¬†You’ll be glad you have a Pacy when… Your child starts screaming in the car, airport, at a meeting whenever! And yes this will happen. Something about the stucky… usually it calms them and may even get them to sleep!

I hope this argument encourages you to at least try a pacy… it can be very helpful to you and your child, especially when your out and about, away from home.

PACIFIER CHAIN / HOLDERS:¬†I didn’t use these at first, but started after we started loosing all Isabella’s suckys! I have two favorites chains, first the Haba Pacifier Chain. We use the Haba wood chain when we go out and during the day. Isabella has been fascinated with the chain since a baby and uses it as a toy. Also, the colors are bright and it makes finding the pacy easy.

Our second favorite chain, is the Bogginhead Pacifier Holder, if you only pick one pacy chain, pick this one. It has a really strong clip. We use this chain for naps and bedtime because it’s made of fabric and if it ends up under Isabella’s head it won’t cause a problem like the wood pacy chain.

Another benefit of using the Bogginhead Pacifier Holder is that there will be times where your baby/toddler will wake up at night and reach for the pacy, if they know where the pacy is they just put it in their mouths and go back to sleep with out wake you up to sooth them! That right there is worth the expense to use pacifier and holder clipped to their nighty!

CAR DVD ENTERTAINMENT:¬†If you’re a first time parent, you’ll probably think this is crazy and not needed, I did. However, once you have a child, you will understand this recommendation!

Every child is different, but our little Isabella… let me tell you… she must know that her car seat is polyester, has fire retardants and is plastic because since day one, she disliked her infant seat and full size car seat.¬†Side note: as a proud parent, I have to give a full disclosure…¬†Isabella slept through the night, napped like a champ and was not colicy. She had a sweet disposition unless she was hungry, tired, had a poopy diaper or was in a car seat!

Some baby’s just fall asleep and barley ever wine. Not our little Isabella. She would throw an all out fit in her car seat and would never last more than 15 minutes. She refused to fall asleep. A short car ride to town was m i s s e r a b l e. Thinking of make an hour trip was out of the question unless I wanted to hear crying the whole way. I put up with all this for MONTHS, until I finally gave in. Yet again, my Sister-in-law came to the rescue. She recommended the Philips 7-Inch LCD Dual Screen Car DVD Player. It is AWESOME! Having the DVD on captured Isabella’s attention long enough to put her to sleep, finally peace and I could finally make long trips again without a crying baby!

If your car doesn’t have a DVD player for passengers (mine didn’t), don’t worry, you can find them for around $100, I bought our Philips at Wal-Mart, but you can find them many places.¬†The player comes with a clip to put on your seat and the electricity comes from your cigarette lighter. What’s great about this Dual, is that when your baby is under a year old and their car seat is facing back… this system still works! It’s genius really.

CRIB MATTRESSES: We bought the L A Baby Organic Cotton 2 in One Orthopedic Crib Mattress, White. If you have a Costco membership you can get it there a bit cheaper and it comes with the organic waterproof mattress cover.

At the time we bought our mattress, I wanted as natural a mattress as I could find without paying over $400. I do believe this mattress is better than all the traditional ones out there, it is made of organic cotton and coconut, but it has it’s issues. It does have fire retardants, required by law because it isn’t made of wool.

Unless the mattress you buy is made of latex, cotton and wool it is treated with fire retardants. Fire retardants are chemicals made with bromide, they are among the most toxic industrial chemicals and are particularly harmful to children. Fire retardants leach out of the mattress  and into your baby.

¬†“Chemicals designed to prevent fires get in to the blood and rewire brans and can lead to ADD, hyperactivity, hearing problems, slow mental development and possibly cancer… because Children’s nervous systems are still developing, they are even more vulnerable.” Source: The Poison Crib

Bromide accumulation can also cause disruption with hormone balance. You have the same issues when you buy mattress pads that are water proof because of the polyester lining and they’re also treated!

The compromise we made was to put this 100% Wool Crib Mattress Cover
as the top layer under the crib sheet. Wool, is a natural water repellent and fire retardant without any chemicals, fancy that! However, be very careful when you wash wool, it will shrink if you are not careful! Only wash by hand or if you use the washer, wash it on the hand cycle on COLD.  I shrunk my wool pad and several other things on accident!

If I had to do it over again, I would have bought a Savvy Rest Crib Mattress. At the time we bought our crib mattress, I didn’t do enough research to be convinced to make the extra investment. Savvy Rests are made of latex and the outer cover is organic cotton and organic wool. Because it’s encased in wool, it doesn’t require all the chemical fire retardants.

GLIDER & OTTOMAN:¬†YOU NEED A GREAT NURSING / ROCKING CHAIR to put baby to sleep & bond w/ your baby! If you already have a with padded arms, a foot rest and a strong back… awesome. For all you out there who only have stationary chairs (that included me), you neeeeed something that rocks or glides, has padded arm rests and somewhere to put your legs up. You’ll be spending lots of time breastfeeding and rocking your baby and you neeeeeed a Glider and Ottoman¬†just take my advice on this one if you don’t believe me. If it’s in the budget, I’d say get two chairs, a glider for the living room and the nursery!

I’m sure you’re thinking, I don’t have the space… ¬†Sell what you have! I sold three chairs on Craig’s list to make room for gliders. And yes, they aren’t the most beautiful decor ever, but they are comfortable and we use them allllll the time. Andrew (husband) likes them so much you won’t see him in any other chair in the living room.

It’s difficult to find Glider and Ottoman¬†made from 100% natural fibers. I bought a “Best” Glider & Ottoman for the nursery because I was able to order it Cotton. The “Best” glider did cost quite a bit more than the nursing ottomans on the internet and at big box baby stores, but it’s been worth it so far. We’ve used it every day for 24 months.

When we were baby prepping I had two fabulous Sister-in-Laws who gave me the best advice, I always wondered what I’d do if I didn’t have them, so that’s why I wrote this blog post… so you would have to good info too! Hope it helped you.

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  1. Rashel, I enjoyed reading this! Like you. I’m a purist about things; thanks for ghe sensible advice about when not to be. After reading so much about off-gassing of furniture etc in this post, I saw an article you might like:
    It explains what plants are best for purifying air and what toxins each type of plant neutralizes. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write a great blog!

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