GNOWFGLINS featured our Farm on “Down Home Farm Tours”!

One of my favorite website blogs is called GNOWFGLINS with Wardee Harmon. She featured our farm on her recent post, Click HERE  to view the post. Wardee has a fabulous cooking eCourse, blog, author of several eBooks and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods” Widgets

Sprouting Grain for Farm Animals (Video)

Here’s a video that shows our process of sprouting grain: The reasons we sprout grain are three fold… First, to increase the nutrients of the grain Neutralizes Phytates Destroys enzyme inhibitors Converts starch to sugar (better for ruminants) Increases enzymes, vitamin levels, amino acids, and fatty acids. Second, to avoid a feed with genetically modified […]

Video: Our 55-Gallon Compost Tea Brewer

We made our very first compost tea brewer! just found out the benefits of making my own compost tea! It’s a super concentration of beneficial bacteria, protozoa, fungi and nematodes! That’s what I’m talking about free fertilizer and herbicide all in one! You can a make a brewer in a 5 gallon bucket, here’s a […]

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