Family Milk Cow {Part Two}

Welcome to part two of our Family Milk Cow blog series. If you haven’t checked out part one, you can find it here. In this blog post and YouTube video I am going cover the following topics: Milking schedule, breeding, and cow / calf logistics Milking equipment Hay and grain Washing udders Strip cups Automatic […]

Family Milk Cow {Part One}

We welcomed our first family milk cow to our farm in 2010. We had never ever milked a cow before… by hand or machine! Elsie, our first Jersey milk cow, was dropped off one evening and the next morning she calved… aaahhhh! What do we do now?! (Click HERE if you want to watch the […]

GNOWFGLINS featured our Farm on “Down Home Farm Tours”!

One of my favorite website blogs is called GNOWFGLINS with Wardee Harmon. She featured our farm on her recent post, Click HERE  to view the post. Wardee has a fabulous cooking eCourse, blog, author of several eBooks and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods” Widgets

What should we name our bull calves?

We need some suggestions on naming our new bull calves. I like the names Chuck Roast and T-Bone what do you think? We’re looking for two names that sounds good together. Here’s a video we took yesterday of the calves on the compost pile. They love to play on it 🙂

The Birth of our Family Milk Cow!

The milk is really flowing now, Elsie just had a bull calf! Elsie is our first family milk cow from two seasons ago.  She calved one week after Faith, our second family cow, so we have two jerseys with calves! The best part about this birth is that Andrew caught it on video! The day […]

The Milk’s Flowing Again, Faith Calved!

Faith calved! Hip hip hooray, she had a cute little brown bull 🙂 Which is perfect because once he’s grown we can use him as a sire to our other two Jerseys since he won’t be related. Faith had the calf with out difficulties during the day this past Sunday, April 29, 2012. In the […]

“Our Natural Life” Interview

Jon and Cathy Payne with Our Natural Life and Broad River Pastures did a podcast interview with Andrew and I called “Living in the Land of Milk and Honey“. The interview covers discovering the Weston A. Price Foundation and nutrient-dense foods. How we changed our eating and working towards a self-sufficent lifestyle farming in our little heaven on […]

Sprouting Grain for Farm Animals (Video)

Here’s a video that shows our process of sprouting grain: The reasons we sprout grain are three fold… First, to increase the nutrients of the grain Neutralizes Phytates Destroys enzyme inhibitors Converts starch to sugar (better for ruminants) Increases enzymes, vitamin levels, amino acids, and fatty acids. Second, to avoid a feed with genetically modified […]

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