Queso Cheese Spread & Dip

I have a treat for you, a homemade cheese dip and spreadable cheese. To speak your language… nacho cheese, mac & cheese, sandwich cheese spread, a natural version of Laughing Cow and Velveeta… that tastes EVEN BETTER. I lie not. Anyone out there following Trim Healthy Mama eating plans, if you skim the cream first, […]

Curd Nerd? Let’s Talk About Home Cheesemaking

Fellow cheese nerd? Heard of Little Green Cheese with Gavin Weber? We talk all things home cheese making in his podcast. LGC 051 – Interview with Rashel Harris Texas USA Listen to our curdy talk by clicking here Gavin, author of Little Green Cheese has a website, YouTube channel and podcast available through iTunes. Hope […]

Make Feta Cheese Video (Cheesemaking Part 10)

Today we’re going to make FETA CHEESE! Feta is a great beginner cheese and an easy quick cheese for the seasoned cheesemaker. Feta has few steps and does not require a cheese press. I’ve never had a Feta cheese flop or turn out poorly. Traditionally, feta is made with sheep’s or goat’s milk. Cows milk […]

Work Your Cheese Cave Video (Cheesemaking Part 9)

When I started making cheese I wanted to see what it was like to “work a cheese cave”. So, that’s what I’ve done for you, I took a video today working our caves. Hope it gives you ideas to work your own caves 🙂 Once to twice a week, you need to work your cheese […]

Prepare Hard Cheese for Aging Video (Cheesemaking Part 8)

After you make hard cheese, you have several options to prepare your cheese for aging. Choose the method that works best with your style of cheesemaking. In this video post, I will demonstrate… Bandage wrapping / cloth bound, Cream wax, Beeswax, and Cheese wax and vacuum packing Young 4 month old Clothbound cheddar made with cheesecloth and […]

Make Clothbound Cheddar Cheese Video (Cheesemaking Part 7)

Cheddar cheese came from a town in “Cheddar” England in the 1500’s. Cheddar was traditionally made by a farm wife. Cheddar was developed as a way to preserve fresh milk during the peak of the green growing season and when cows are typically at there height of lactation just after spring calving. Cheddar can be […]

Featured in New England Cheesemaking Company’s Blog

Jeri Case with New England Cheesemaking Company just published a full tour of my caves and artisanal farmstead creations! I think you’ll enjoy it, click HERE to read. Rashel and her assistant, Isabella (1 yr. 5 months), in there cheese caves! 🙂

How to Make Yogurt at Home (Cheesemaking Part 6)

Making yogurt at home is EASY! There are many methods out there. I’ve tried most of them and settled on six steps to fantastic thick creamy yogurt. The Cliff Notes: Heat milk to 180°F. Cool milk down to 110°F. Add culture and wait 2 hours. Jar milk. Incubate milk at 110°F for 6 to 24 […]

How to Make Raw Milk Camembert / Brie Cheese Video (Cheesemaking Part 5)

Today we’re going to make Brie!!!! This cheeses is awesome and delicious. The tricky part is getting all the cultures together. Making Brie at home looks difficult, but looks can be deceiving! This cheese is easier to make than any pressed hard cheese! Brie and Camembert are the same cheese, the only difference is the […]

Milk and Sanitation Video (Cheesemaking Part 4)

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly, at first” ~Joel Salatin Milk quality and sanitation are the two areas that I failed. The first two years I made cheese, most of them did not turn out due to milk quality and sanitation! Thus, I’m doing an entire post on the subject. You must have clean […]

Equipment for the Home Cheesemaker (Cheesemaking Part 3)

Equipment for the Home Cheese-Maker Amazon.com Widgets LARGE STOCK POT   You need a big stock pot that can hold up to four gallons of milk (a 20 qt pot).  Look for a non reactive material, stainless steel is best. I have two types of stock pots, I bought two at Wal-Mart which work fine, […]

Cheesemaking Resources Review (Cheesemaking Part 2)

When I started cheesemaking I had no idea which books and resource I’d need, so I bought all of them, I hope to spare you that expense unless you just want lots of cheesemaking books 🙂 I’ve reviewed and highlighted my favorites in this video and post below. Enjoy! 🙂   Amazon.com Widgets BOOK: Mastering Artisan […]

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