Birth Story Collections {GNOWFGLINS a C-Section and two VBAC Births}

Welcome to Birth Story Collections at The Promiseland Farm! If you would like to share your birth story, please email me at thepromiselandfarm[at] I have special story for you from Wardee Harmon at Wardee Harmon lives in Southwest Oregon with her husband and their three children. They raise a dairy cow, chickens and goats, and garden […]

Birth Story Collections {Isabella’s Home Birth}

Welcome to Birth Story Collections at The Promiseland Farm! For the first story in the collection, I’m going to share the birth story of our little girl, Isabella in 2011. If you have a birth story you’d like to share, please email me at thepromiselandfarm[at] Fear is a strong motivator. Fear fueled by the unknown […]

Babies First Foods

Three reasons to avoid rice cereal and grains for babies first foods 1.) Rice cereal and all extruded grains are a processed food. Feeding your baby is serious business, do you really want to leave that responsibility to big business and government recommendations?! Rice cereal and all extruded grain “Cereals are mixed or mashed with […]

Portable Goose Coop Video Tour

The newest enterprise at The Promiseland Farm… GEESE! GOOSE COOP VIDEO TOUR! We bought two pairs of American Lavender day old goslings for breeding stock from Holderread’s and six day old white Embden goslings for the freezer. Geese are fabulous weeders, lawn mowers and poopers. Yes, I said poopers! They poop a lot. The best […]

Do You Sit or Squat? Potty Talk!

Growing up, my family and I were vegetarians and even though we tried to eat healthy, frequently we’d slip into the the standard American diet pit falls… what this meant for me is that I was almost always constipated! I found some relief by squatting on the toilet rim (yes, a tricky acrobatic act!) or […]

Poisoning Yourself & Your Family: 12 Toxins in Your Personal Care Products

The skin is your largest organ, what you put on it is absorbed into your bloodstream. The average woman in the United States uses over 15 personal care products daily, the average man about six. Each product containing a dozen or more chemicals! Many of these chemicals are carcinogens, neurotoxins and contain reproductive toxins! You […]

Family Milk Cow {Part Two}

Welcome to part two of our Family Milk Cow blog series. If you haven’t checked out part one, you can find it here. In this blog post and YouTube video I am going cover the following topics: Milking schedule, breeding, and cow / calf logistics Milking equipment Hay and grain Washing udders Strip cups Automatic […]

Family Milk Cow {Part One}

We welcomed our first family milk cow to our farm in 2010. We had never ever milked a cow before… by hand or machine! Elsie, our first Jersey milk cow, was dropped off one evening and the next morning she calved… aaahhhh! What do we do now?! (Click HERE if you want to watch the […]

Make Feta Cheese Video (Cheesemaking Part 10)

Today we’re going to make FETA CHEESE! Feta is a great beginner cheese and an easy quick cheese for the seasoned cheesemaker. Feta has few steps and does not require a cheese press. I’ve never had a Feta cheese flop or turn out poorly. Traditionally, feta is made with sheep’s or goat’s milk. Cows milk […]

Work Your Cheese Cave Video (Cheesemaking Part 9)

When I started making cheese I wanted to see what it was like to “work a cheese cave”. So, that’s what I’ve done for you, I took a video today working our caves. Hope it gives you ideas to work your own caves 🙂 Once to twice a week, you need to work your cheese […]

Prepare Hard Cheese for Aging Video (Cheesemaking Part 8)

After you make hard cheese, you have several options to prepare your cheese for aging. Choose the method that works best with your style of cheesemaking. In this video post, I will demonstrate… Bandage wrapping / cloth bound, Cream wax, Beeswax, and Cheese wax and vacuum packing Young 4 month old Clothbound cheddar made with cheesecloth and […]

How to Make Lard & Tallow

Turning solid animal fat into liquid oil is EASY! Melting animal fat is called rendering. The techniques I’ll show you can be used with pigs (lard), cows (suet/tallow), bear, sheep, goat, goose, chicken, turkey… whatever solid fat floats your boat. You must understand WHY you’re going through an extra step to render instead of buying […]

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