Why Carry a Gun & My Every Day Carry Purse (Video)

Inside my Every Day Carry Purse (EDC)

This post might surprise you, I carry a gun on my person every day, all day.

The video below explains my top three reasons why I carry. Here’s the summary…

1. My Personal Story

2. I’m a sheep dog

3. That’s the world we live in.

I’m give you a sneak peak in my every day carry (EDC) purse and what holster and gun I’ve chosen to protect myself and those I love.

1. Purse – Coach Legacy Flight CrossBody Bag

2. Keys – Swiss Army Knife Climber

3. Knife – Benchmade Griptillian Pink

4. Gun Magazine, Smith & Wesson. After market Pinkey extension from eBay

5. MagLite – Mag-Tac LED Scalloped Head

6. iPhone case – the Defender Otterbox (can’t go without it, I’d break my phone without it)

7. Gun – the 380 Bodyguard with Laser by Smith and Wesson. I keep it loaded with self-defense 380 Hornady Critical Defense bullets.

8. Holster IWB (Inside the Waist Band) – Crossbreed Mini Tuck made for my specific fire arm.

9. Not pictured, essential oils, chap stick and lotion.

EDC Purse - Peak Inside!

Does my list surprise you? I’ve changed my ways and am thinking about how I can be more prepared if the &*&* hits the fan.

Please share below. Do you carry? What sorts of things you keep in your purse! I’d love to know, it’d give me ideas on how to better prepare myself!

Stay tuned I’m working on releasing another post on my EDC Diaper Bag.

Thanks for visiting!

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