Featured at CHEESESLAVE: Sneak peak in my kitchen


Wanna know what’s in my fridge and freezers? I bet your curious 🙂

Ann Marie with Cheeseslave.com featured my kitchen in Real Food.

Click here to view her post.

SIDE, FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Plain whole milk yogurt, crispy pumpkin seeds, fermented garlic heads, bacon drippings, kefir, left over chilli, lemons, baby food in mason jars, raw jersey cream (for morning coffee), black eye peas, our garden kale in the salad spinner, our eggs (hardboiled), cured bacon, our salad in the spinner, fruit. In the bottom bins, organic veggies, turnips from the garden and organic potatoes.

RIGHT DOOR: Sherry, homemade fermented ketchup, Tamari, castor oil pack, homemade salad dressing, homemade fermented sour pickles (from our cucumbers), pastured cultured butter from cows on pasture, supplements and cheese cultures, dates, homemade sauerkraut w/ herbs, tallow, fermented beets, crispy mixed nuts, homemade feta in olive oil, four gallons of raw pastured jersey milk. Our Jersey cow is dry right now. So we drive for fresh milk 5 hour round trip. Our Jersey’s will calf in May and we’ll be ‘back in milk’! 🙂

TOP LEFT: pastured raw butter, homemade icrecream, wild caught fish, organic veggies and fruit, two freezer bowels for icecream, LOTS of pastured raw butter, LOTS of pastured tallow, crispy nuts (soaked, salted and lightly toasted).

RIGHT DOOR: My “fast food” stash. Frozen homemade meals. Love these!

For all of the pictures visit Sneak peak in my kitchen, a set on Flickr.

Real Food FridgeA view of my kitchen from the dinning roomMy kitchenOne of our three freezersTurkey head, feet and neck ready to freeze for brothPantry
Our pastured turkey liver!My spice cabinetKitchen nookOur familyMy Tea CollectionBaby Food
My cookbook collectionIsabella playing w/ fresh cut cabbage. Our chickens are enjoying the scraps!Andrew and Isabella enjoying farm lifeSourdough pound cake with lots of butter and fresh cut strawberries dipped in chocolateBeef Broth ingredientsSauerkraut
Me holding freshly made butter from our beloved Jersey cows
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  1. Hi Rashel. I came across your blog via the feature done of your Real Foodie Kitchen on the Cheeseslave site. Your kitchen is by far one of my favorite Real Foodie kitchens. I was wondering, in the pic you have of the Beef Broth, what kind of stock pot are you using? I am in the market for a new stock pot and want to get a good quality one. Thanks in advance!

  2. http://Aneesa says

    Hi Rashel. I came across your blog via the Cheeseslave feature done of your Real Foodie Kitchen. The tour of your kitchen is one of my absolute favorites. I was wondering, in the pic you took for your Beef Broth, what brand stock pot are you using. I am in the market for a new stock pot and want to get a good one. Thanks in advance!

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