Work Your Cheese Cave Video (Cheesemaking Part 9)

Working the cheese cave at home

When I started making cheese I wanted to see what it was like to “work a cheese cave”. So, that’s what I’ve done for you, I took a video today working our caves. Hope it gives you ideas to work your own caves 🙂

Once to twice a week, you need to work your cheese cave flipping cheese, brushing, wiping and monitoring.

Cheese caves. Natural rind cave on the left and covered cheeses on the right.

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  1. http://Victoria says

    Hi Rashel,
    Great idea swapping out the metal shelves for wooden ones! Did you make them yourself or are they available for sale somewhere? I’ve been toying with the idea of taking my jigsaw (that has a bezel tilt) to a wooden cutting board, but when we’re talking 3-4 shelves it is going to be expensive! Anyway, I would love to know what you did for your wooden shelves. Thank you,

  2. http://Lindsay says

    Thank you for this video! I thought I just didn’t “get” making hard/aged cheeses, but what I didn’t get was how to care for them after they were made! This makes so much more sense. Time to get my own Cheese Cave!

  3. http://Sue says

    can you tell me where to buy that humidifier you use in cheese cave. Sue

    • http://Rashel says

      Sue, there’s a link in this post where I got my humidifier the model and source to buy it online…

      • Hi Rashel, I purchased the humidifier and placed it in cheese fridge on lowest as possible setting ,but it reaches 100% humidity. I cant seem to get it lower , do I leave it on ?I am also waiting for my cream wax to arrive from the States as we cant get it in Australia.
        .The Marstering Artisan Cheesemaking book is amazing thank you for recommending it.

        • http://Rashel says

          Hey Sue! Is it the exact same humidifier? I can keep mine on the lowest setting, but my climate is probably different in Texas. I had an idea for you… you could plug the humidifier into an outlet timer, like this one There really simple to set. And you can schedule the humidifier to turn on and off at intervals through out the 24/hr day. And it’d save you electricity! 🙂

          • Yes it is the exact one ,our climate at the present is average day 15d c ,night 4d c we are just the end of winter ,I just put it on and don’t turn dial, it is in a wine fridge with about 80% humidity so maybe a bit of over kill. It has solved the humidity problem though, do you leave the humidifier on even after you wrap them?
            That is a great idea about a timer thank you. I also got from Glengarry the Margaret Morris book and DVD as you recommended, great recommendation. My cream wax arrived I am happy it feels good, I don’t have to apply hard wax over it do I? How did I ever manage with out you. Cheers Sue

            • http://Rashel says

              Hey Sue, you mentioned you just turn it on and let the humidifier do it’s thing… it doesn’t self regulate the flow. There’s a round dial on it that let’s you control how much humidity is coming out. Try moving it around when it’s on and you’ll see it goes from high to low… and all stages in between. On low, it lasts me about a week before I have to refill it…
              The cream wax… just put on two even layers of the goop and let it dry. That’s it… no wax over it! Just the cream stuff. It’ll dry clearish.

              • Hi Rashel, yes I do turn it on at the lowest setting as that is enough humidity for the small fridge.Can you tell me if you leave the humidifier on after the camembert are wrapped?,
                my camembert are taking at least 2 weeks to cover in mould sometimes more .I will make a new batch next week and use the humidifier from the start.

  4. Rashel,
    We are beginning a monthly farm and ranch publication at the end of March. Would you be willing for us to write and photograph a feature story about your cheesemaking for the premiere edition? I am publisher of the Palestine Herald Press and can be contacted at my email address above or via telephone at 903-729-0281.
    Best regards,
    Gary Connor

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