New England Cheesemaking Supply Company

We were featured in Jeri’s blog at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company!

“When Rashel Harris read Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions,” she made up her mind to eat healthy food.  Then, she changed her whole way of life to accomplish her goal.  She had no experience with farming, but after a few short years, she is now making professional quality farmstead cheese and butter for herself and her lucky husband with the milk from their own cow, Elsie.” – Jeri

Click HERE to read the whole blog post.

A picture of my cheese cave 🙂

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  1. http://Rachel%20Bezile says

    Rashel, I have not seen one video on how to make provolone cheese. I made some using the book “Cheesemaker’s Journey with disappointing results. Is it difficult? When I was kneading mine it became stiff, not stretchy. I brought it to 110 degrees over 45 minutes as the instructions said. Another thing, no one talks about Ph, which I think is important. The Cheesemaker book always adds too much salt for my taste. Brining this cheese made it become slimey, a problem I have had with Feta cheese also. Can you add a video on making Provolone cheese? I find your instruction more thorough than all that I have seen. Thx!!!

  2. Hi Rashel,

    I see your cheeses in the cheese cave are not waxed. Are they coated with something? I would love to move away from waxing my cheeses.


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