Queso Cheese Spread & Dip


I have a treat for you, a homemade cheese dip and spreadable cheese. To speak your language… nacho cheese, mac & cheese, sandwich cheese spread, a natural version of Laughing Cow and Velveeta… that tastes EVEN BETTER. I lie not. Anyone out there following Trim Healthy Mama eating plans, if you skim the cream first, […]

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Curd Nerd? Let’s Talk About Home Cheesemaking

Fellow cheese nerd? Heard of Little Green Cheese with Gavin Weber? We talk all things home cheese making in his podcast. LGC 051 – Interview with Rashel Harris Texas USA Listen to our curdy talk by clicking here Gavin, author of Little Green Cheese has a website, YouTube channel and podcast available through iTunes. Hope […]

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Confessions of a Weston A. Price Mama {Video}

Confessions of a WAPF Mama

    You read that right, yeah, I Rashel, a chapter leader of the Weston A. Price foundation, have a confession. I can’t believe I’m sharing this on the internet. Here it goes…     Credit where credit is due: Thank you to my friend Regina and Wardee at Traditional Cooking School. Your stories gave […]

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An Amish Clothesline {5 Reasons to Hang Laundry in the Sun}

Drying clothes in the house on a rack

Washers and dryers, I’m so thankful to have both and the electricity to run them. However, even with a dryer I always end up with a laundry room full of wet hanging jeans, shorts, shirts, table cloths etc, that I don’t want the dryer to shrink, fade or mess up. A video of our setup […]

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Why Carry a Gun & My Every Day Carry Purse (Video)

Inside my Every Day Carry Purse (EDC)

This post might surprise you, I carry a gun on my person every day, all day. The video below explains my top three reasons why I carry. Here’s the summary… 1. My Personal Story 2. I’m a sheep dog 3. That’s the world we live in. I’m give you a sneak peak in my every […]

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How to Remove and Relocate a Wild Honey Bee Hive (Video)

Wild Honey Bee Hive on House - Remove and Relocate

I got a call from a family who had a wild honey bee hive in the eve of their house! I had no experience removing wild bee hives and the thought of climbing a 10′ ladder and removing the hive myself scared the liven day lights out of me! Especially after seeing how very hot […]

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Birth Story Collections {Elizabeth’s Home Water Birth}

Home Water Birth - The Promiseland Farm

Welcome to Birth Story Collections at The Promiseland Farm! If you would like to share your birth story, please email me at thepromiselandfarm [at] gmail.com A Healing Home Water Birth This is the story of the home water birth of Elizabeth Joy, our second daughter. The story begins three years before Elizabeth with the home […]

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Chicken Coop Video Tour (How We Built It)

Large Portable Chicken Wagon

If you’re tired of… all the nasty chicken mess in the barn, pot holes and bare patches of earth from chickens scratching, having to clean out your chicken house, all the nasty feather/dander/dirt in the air? Well, a portable coop is your solution! I’m going to share with you how we made our chicken tractor! […]

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Birth Story Collections {Emsley’s Breech Home Birth}

Emsleys Breach Home Birth

Welcome to Birth Story Collections at The Promiseland Farm! Did you know that breech babies are a variation of normal? Let me rephrase that, breech babies are normal and you can have a home birth with a breech baby! Just because you have a breech baby does not mean you need to schedule a c-section. […]

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Birth Story Collections {Paisley’s Home Birth}


Welcome to Birth Story Collections at The Promiseland Farm! If you would like to share your birth story, please email me at thepromiselandfarm[at]gmail.com Heather lives in Kansas with her husband, daughter, and zen dog Charley on a 20 acre homestead. They have chickens for eggs and meat, a milk cow, beef cow, and are growing […]

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