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Large Portable Goose or Duck Wagon Coop

The newest enterprise at The Promiseland Farm… GEESE!


We bought two pairs of American Lavender day old goslings for breeding stock from Holderread’s and six day old white Embden goslings for the freezer. Geese are fabulous weeders, lawn mowers and poopers. Yes, I said poopers! They poop a lot. The best place for our new geese is on the pasture where their poop is more valuable than gold! ๐Ÿ™‚

Andrew Building E-Z Haul Farm Tek Wagon frame for Goose CoopBuilding E-Z Haul Farm Tek Wagon frame for Goose Coop

Running gear wagon EZ- Haul Utility WagonAs you can see from the picture above, Andrew is the resident genius, builder and designer. I’m am the one who gives him more work to do and snaps pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

The portable Makita table saw and compound miter saw are two essential tools on our place. They always work, don’t break and are easy to set up and use. We’ve had them for 3 years with no issues.


The structure is roughly 7′ x 10. We built this portable goose wagon on running gear. The coop is on wheels, for portability, and a deck that allowed the poop to fall through! The best part is we ordered it online and it was delivered to our door, easy peasy.

IMG_2935Rain collection tube to bulk tank


Between a pond and drinking water, geese go through a lot of water. We needed a way to fill the water on the pasture, rain collection and a 65 gallon water storage tank from our local farm supply store was the answer.

A 1.5” inch rain on this 70 square foot roof fills up the entire 65 gallon bulk tank. We catch water on a metal roof fitted with house gutters from our local hardware store. If it doesn’t rain we just park the wagon by a hose and fill up the bulk tank.

Each side of the roof has gutters and a poly tube (with a mesh filter) that goes to the bulk tank. We also installed a water over flow poly tube. When the tank fully fills up, there’s a hole in the lid that would get all the geese bedding wet if we didn’t have an over flow.

On either side of the bulk tank is the geese bedding and nesting area.

Portable Goose or Duck Pond Can be pulled by hand or a lawn mowerPortable Goose or Duck Pond


The Goose pond is a Rubbermaind 50 gallon stock tank. There’s a hose from the bulk tank with a float valve to the pond. We drilled a hole in the side and put a spigot to make water dumping easy.
The tank sits on a small wagon frame that we bought from a neat Amish Dairy, Noble Road Milking Equipment in PA. The handle has a pin that is removable and the handle slides in if you want to hook the wagon up to a lawnmower or ATV.

Goose waterer and wade bowl

Goose water bulk tank hose splitter. One for the inhouse drinking wadding and the other to the swimming pond

At night we close the geese up to protect from predators. There’s a small trough with a float valve. The geese can use it for drinking and wadding at night time.

 Goose Ramp to PondGoose Ramp


The wagon and pond are quite a way off the ground. We have a ramp up to the coop and another from the coop to the pound. The ramp to the pond doubles as a door and window. We covered the ramps with a rubber mat. Geese are pretty clumsy and don’t appreciate slipping ๐Ÿ™‚

Self dog feeder. Pet Lodge. Chow Hound.


Update as of 2/6/2014: We couldn’t keep the geese from coming and hanging out on our porches. They would leave us PILES of poopoo and they are extremely naughty and curious… they chew up EVERYTHING that’s fabric or rubber. I got tired of  cleaning my porches TWO TIMES A DAY! It was really nasty stuff. After they chewed through my toddlers shoes, towels, break lights on our ATV, our swing set! toddler toys etc, we decided we HAD to fence them or I was going to kill them right then and there. We choose to go with two sets of electric poultry netting (Premier or Kencove.com), a quick ground rod (Kencove.com) and small solar energizer (Stafix brand). The whole system cost about $400. It was worth the investment. We now have our chicken tractor, goose wagon in that poultry netting. At night our guard dogs were roaming a bit to much and waking up the neighbors, so we also put our guard dogs in there at night. Since our Anatolian and Pyrenees are in there, we don’t even close the chicken door or lock the geese up. The chickens go to roost, but the geese… well they “roost” on the ground/pond or wherever, they’re geese ๐Ÿ™‚

Portable Goose coop with electric poultry netting - solar enegerizer Portable Goose coop with electric poultry netting - stafix enegerizer


There are two sliding doors on either side of the wagon. They are hung with two steel ball baring hangers on a stand ball track.

Winter pastures - geese grazing in poultry netting with solar enegerizer and quick ground

What kind of set up do you keep your geese or ducks in? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Sorry to say here in Connecticut we had to build a 10 foot welded wire fence to keep the local bobcats and coyotes out. And we had to electrify the fence to boot to keep the cat from climbing up and over. We also laid a 24 inch wide 1/4 inch mesh wire fence on the ground to prevent the coyotes from digging under the fence line. We had an electrified 5 foot fence but the bobcat could clear it easily with a 10 lb Pilgrim goose in it’s mouth. My dogs don’t help since they were free ranging rescues and would love to have a goose dinner.

  2. http://nancy%20Visgatis says

    how much did the entire goose coop set up cost to build ? if you can email me that at siriusnv@aol.com . (nancy visgatis )

  3. Great job. I know about the front porch issue. I have problems with our chickens. They are game birds that I just let run wild on our place to eat bugs. They roosted in the trees all summer but when winter came they ended up on the porch. I think for us we are going to fence our yard and screen in the porch. To much drama with animals there. We have cows, chickens(game and layers.), dairy goats, sheep, a pig, rabbits, dogs, and cats. Love to read about all your doing. We are also planning a rotational grazing this spring so I liked seeing what you did.

  4. http://Paula says

    Greatest share ever!

  5. http://Kari says

    That is really neat! I need one!

  6. Please come share at From the Farm! This is an awesome idea! I’m sharing it on Ducks Too on Facebook right now!

    Fresh Eggs Daily

  7. http://Karen%20H. says

    I love to read about what you are doing on your farm! So nicely done! Enjoyed the music too.

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