US Wellness MeatsUS Wellness Meats

I order all of our cured products from US Wellness Meats. They offer delicious bacon, jerkey, liverwurst, braunsweiger, pemmican and sausage. They have beautiful pastured butter, tallow and lard! Their prices are good and shipping is free with a $7.50 fee per order.

7-250x250Mountain Rose Herbs

I order all our herbs, tea and homemade lotion supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs. They have the best most fresh ingredients. I’ve been very pleased with everything I buy from them. You can check them out here.

Vital Choice

We get all our wild fish frozen and canned from Vital Choice. They even sell hard to find frozen salmon roe (caviar / fish eggs!). All their products are the best you’ll find. Check out Vital Choice, here.




Real Milk



Big Sandy, TX – TRIMBLE DAIRY FARM  Bobby Trimble

Website Telephone (903) 576-0393 Grass fed 100% Jersey unpasteurized grade A milk & cream, no antibiotics or hormones.


Campbell, TX – WINDY MEADOWS FAMILY FARMS   Mike and Connie Hale

Website Telephone: (903) 886-7723  Pastured chicken, eggs, beef, lamb (no hormones or antibiotics). Sold on the farm and at drop off points.



Website Telephone: (254-697-2927) Pastured eggs, meat, pastured raw cheese, vegetable CSA and certified grade A raw milk. This is a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY RUN FARM. Love the integrity of these people. Their food and products are top notch.


Collinsville, TX – R & C DAIRY AND FARMSTEAD   Rocky and Carol

Website  Telephone: (903) 429-2319 Email:  Grade A raw milk dairy (goat and jersey milk), Yogurt, buttermilk, butter, kefir, Handmade soap, Free range eggs, Naturally raised farm produce, seasonal

Poppa Skinny's Farm

Jacksonville, TX – POPPA SKINNY’S FARM  Ron and Terri Luce

 Website: Telephone: 903-363-2844 Email:
Organic seasonal produce and fruit, AWA pastured organic eggs, AWA pastured pork and beef, AWA dairy goats.
Farm stand open Saturday, Wednesday farmers market in Jacksonville from 5 to 8 at Sadlers, Saturday market in Tyler at Whole Heath from 8 to noon.  Eggs available at Whole Heath and the Granary in Tyler.

Kemp, TX – Full Quiver Farms -Michael and Debbie Sams

Beautiful farm, they sell grass fed meats, milk, yogurt, whey, eggs and cheese! Website:  Telephone 903-498-3884 Email:  Address: 6238 FM 3396; Kemp, TX 75143


Mineola, TX – The Waldo Way Farm – Trenton and Ris

The Waldo Way, LLC is a Grade A Raw Milk Dairy in Mineola Texas. “Our cows are Registered Guernseys known for their docile disposition and A2A2 golden milk. They are beautiful to look at and provide the most nutritious milk available. We are an all-grass fed dairy which operates under organic principles. In addition to our golden milk we have butter-topped yogurt in several flavors, cream, butter, and an artisan cheese”. You can find them on Facebook as well, click here.

You may want to text or call in advance. Trenton (903.258.4829) Ris (903.245.9673) if you are traveling a long distance or email

Diamond B Ranch Neches, Texas

Neches, TX – DIAMOND B RANCH  Moon Swanson

Email: Telephone:(903) 721-9111  Naturally raised fresh seasonal produce, Grass finished Beef – by the pound whole or half cows, Free range eggs, Cedar raised garden beds, custom horse drawn wagons, live horses and cows, Sheep’s wool and handcrafted wool products, Basket Mill, Farm store – Farm Store open Saturday

Jersey Girls Milk Co.Winnsboro, TX – JERSEY GIRLS MILK   Toey, Linda, & Brady Courtney

Website Telephone: (903) 365-2449  Grass fed Jersey raw unpasteurized grade A certified milk & cream, Grass fed Jersey yogurt, Grass fed raw cheese, aged minimum of 60 days, Dairy is rBST or rBGH free, Free range eggs, baked goods and produce in season.

Homestead Heritiage Waco, Texas


Main Website Telephone: (254) 754-9606 or (877) 392-6920  Farm Store, Natural Grocery store and fresh market, Gristmill, Meat Butcher, School of Homesteading (Ploughshare)

Falster Farm Winnsboro, TexasWinnsboro, TX  – FALSTER FARMS,  Nancy and Karl Falster

Website Telephone: (903) 629-3034  Ranchers of miniature registered Herford and Jerseys Cows, gourmet grass finished beef, by the pound or whole cow, free range eggs, whole pastured chickens, cooking and cheese making classes.

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  1. http://jason says

    I was looking to get some mini jerseys and was just wondering why yall are getting out of the minis

  2. http://Natalie says

    Thank you very much for these links! I have just recently discovered the Weston A Price foundation and am working to change my families lifestyle. It has been a real struggle finding healthy food sources in east Texas. I will definitely be using the sources you listed!

  3. http://megan says

    Where do you buy your other baking supplies? What grains and flours do you use? Yeast?

    • http://Rashel says

      I buy my grain from Azure Standard. Organic whole Kamut, Einkorn and soft white wheat. I grind myself and use for sourdough or sprout the whole grain if I”m not going to sourdough it (like for cakes, cookies etc.)

  4. I would like to also recommend Greer Farms in Daingerfield, Texas. A sustainable farm where I purchase my organic berries, meats and eggs. Beautiful place! They also offer cooking schools with Chef Eva and have been featured in the Dallas Morning News. I love your little farm and website! I have it pinned as one of my all-time favorites.

What are you thoughts?