Chicken Coop Video Tour (How We Built It)

If you’re tired of… all the nasty chicken mess in the barn, pot holes and bare patches of earth from chickens scratching, having to clean out your chicken house, all the nasty feather/dander/dirt in the air? Well, a portable coop is your solution! I’m going to share with you how we made our chicken tractor! […]

Portable Goose Coop Video Tour

The newest enterprise at The Promiseland Farm… GEESE! GOOSE COOP VIDEO TOUR! We bought two pairs of American Lavender day old goslings for breeding stock from Holderread’s and six day old white Embden goslings for the freezer. Geese are fabulous weeders, lawn mowers and poopers. Yes, I said poopers! They poop a lot. The best […]

Consider Eating Heritage Turkey Instead of Broiler Chickens!

We took this at Thanksgiving. He’s the only tom that didn’t end up the freezer. We saved him for breeding šŸ™‚

“Our Natural Life” Interview

Jon and Cathy Payne with Our Natural LifeĀ and Broad River PasturesĀ did a podcast interview with Andrew and I calledĀ “Living in the Land of Milk and Honey“. The interview covers discovering the Weston A. Price Foundation and nutrient-dense foods. How we changed our eating and working towards a self-sufficent lifestyle farming in our little heaven on […]

Sprouting Grain for Farm Animals (Video)

Here’s a video that shows our process of sprouting grain: The reasons we sprout grain are three fold… First, to increase the nutrients of the grain Neutralizes Phytates Destroys enzyme inhibitors Converts starch to sugar (better for ruminants) Increases enzymes, vitamin levels, amino acids, and fatty acids. Second, to avoid a feed with genetically modified […]

Video: How we process chickens and fill the freezer!

Home video demonstrates raising and processing chickens from start to finish for meat. Starting with day old chicks, using chicken “tractors/stagecoaches”, mixing their own chicken ration and sharing their unique processing methods. PLEASE NOTE: Entire chicken raising, killing and processing is demonstrated. Yes, you’ll see guts and blood.               […]

Tender and Juicy Roast Chicken

In America we are use to baking chickens that are raised in confinement their whole lives and processed from 6 to 12 weeks old. If they’re labeled “free range” “organic” they probably just have a small door and access to a small run that’s dirt! The confined chickens are fed GMO corn and Soy, if […]

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