Confessions of a Weston A. Price Mama {Video}

    You read that right, yeah, I Rashel, a chapter leader of the Weston A. Price foundation, have a confession. I can’t believe I’m sharing this on the internet. Here it goes…     Credit where credit is due: Thank you to my friend Regina and Wardee at Traditional Cooking School. Your stories gave […]

Babies First Foods

Three reasons to avoid rice cereal and grains for babies first foods 1.) Rice cereal and all extruded grains are a processed food. Feeding your baby is serious business, do you really want to leave that responsibility to big business and government recommendations?! Rice cereal and all extruded grain “Cereals are mixed or mashed with […]

Do You Sit or Squat? Potty Talk!

Growing up, my family and I were vegetarians and even though we tried to eat healthy, frequently we’d slip into the the standard American diet pit falls… what this meant for me is that I was almost always constipated! I found some relief by squatting on the toilet rim (yes, a tricky acrobatic act!) or […]

Poisoning Yourself & Your Family: 12 Toxins in Your Personal Care Products

The skin is your largest organ, what you put on it is absorbed into your bloodstream. The average woman in the United States uses over 15 personal care products daily, the average man about six. Each product containing a dozen or more chemicals! Many of these chemicals are carcinogens, neurotoxins and contain reproductive toxins! You […]

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